[MUD-Dev] Public Domain Client

Bruce Bruce
Mon Nov 22 15:07:37 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Mik Clarke wrote:
>Do you have a reference to a definition of what cold text is?
>I can't find anything of their strangely uninformative web site
>beyond a mention that it exists and is very powerful.

cold_text was a week-long hack that Andrew Wilson and I threw together.  He
did the TkMOO plugin, I did the server side integration into ColdCore to
make stuff that was using CML (a ColdCore thing) generate the right tags for
TkMOO to pick up.  This is similar to the way that ColdCore supports Pueblo
and HTML stuff via the browser (and plain text, and for some people, ANSI

It was basically a format for tags that TkMOO would pick up and link in the
right way, and given that, when they clicked on, TkMOO would send the
command back to the server.  This allowed for clickable links in HTML, and
some other places.

Apart from all of that, TkMOO is a pretty interesting client and seems to
get some interesting experimental features.  I'd rate it as probably the
most interesting client on there on the experimentation side.  It also
happens to be one of the most portable due to its use of TCL/Tk.

- Bruce

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