[MUD-Dev] FAQ for gm-types?

Dundee SkeptAck at antisocial.com
Tue Nov 23 19:52:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

I'm looking for some sort of resource that I could direct our GMs to, =
they could get an idea what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Lemme splain:  We have users that want to go on quests, and we don't yet =
an automated quest system - and even when we do get one, I don't think it
will replace our human-generated quests (although considering the quality=
those... maybe it will).

Anyway, I saw a couple of people that I really liked, in terms of how =
played, different characters that they played, and so on.  So I thought
they'd make good GMs - setting up and running quests for other players.


They haven't got a clue.  I don't know if it's due to their RPG =
being UO/EQ rather than a real RPG, or if some mud-experience would have
helped them.  They aren't admin or 'wizard' types as might exist on a =
MUD - but they *should* be playing in character and giving the players a
reason to go bash mobs other than "mobs got loot".  They don't have to do
area-building and the like, since all the areas are already built.  At =
they decorate an area, place some mobs, give some npcs keyword/responses,=
then everything after that, if they do anything, would just be them =

Doesn't seem to be happening though, and I think it might be that they =
don't know what they're supposed to be doing.

Instead, they tend to show up *as* GMs and they do dippy things like
summoning monsters for the players to kill... which isn't much of a =
quest, I
don't think.

I looked under resources on mudconnector, but most of the info there =
seems to
be very text mud specific.  FAQ's I've seen on "How to be an admin" tend =
focus on area-building and whatnot.  I *know* that they know what =
is and they don't need a "how to roleplay" guide, but this gm'ing thing =
to have them bedaffled.

Does anyone know of any good resources to which I might direct them?


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