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Bruce Bruce
Wed Nov 24 13:00:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

I've submitted both of these to the Kanga Nu library as well.


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What's Hoard?

Hoard is a fast, scalable and memory-efficient allocator that solves the
heap contention problem caused by multiple threads calling dynamic memory
allocation functions like malloc() and free() (or new and delete). Hoard can
dramatically improve the performance of multithreaded programs running on
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Hoard even claims to support ccNUMA architectures and is under the LGPL.


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The Bond project provides Java middleware for network-centric
computing. Bond is an agent-based, message-oriented system using
KQML as a communication language. The middleware consists of a
communication infrastructure and frameworks for building metaobjects
and agents. We also provide frameworks for various aspects of complex
object design e.g. security, monitoring. An application of Bond will be a
Virtual Laboratory supporting data annotation and metacomputing.

A number of papers describe the communication fabric, the architecture,
the servers,and the  agents. Links to related projects are provided.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation
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 - Bruce

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