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While AOL officially recognised and authorised their moderators by
giving them a variety of special perks, financial and otherwise,
which is what really puts them on shakey ground, some MUDs are not
that far different:

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I invite you to read the following article:


by Lisa Margonelli for Wired magazine.  It discusses the lawsuit that has
been filed recently against AOL by former volunteers of AOL's online various

Now wait, before you go off AOL bashing, you may want to consider that much
of the mud world is comprised of volunteers who operate in a very similar
fashion to the volunteers discussed in this article.

After reading the article, I would like to know what (if any) affect you
feel this lawsuit might potentially have on the mud community.  Obviously,
muds are staffed largely by volunteers who act as "hall monitors" for the
online players and users of muds.

I myself feel that even if the lawsuit is successful, that it will have
little affect on the mudding community overall as a whole.  Muds are too
small overall in comparison to communities such as AOL, though there are a
few exceptions.  I'm interested in your thoughts on the subject.


aka Tempus

p.s.:  this article is available in paper form in the October 1999 issue of
Wired, page 138.

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