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Koster, Raph <rkoster at origin.ea.com> wrote:

> PK is merely an expression of these things. You state
> "Unfortunately, the best most PVP guilds have managed to come up
> with is "let's kill these guys, because they suck and we don't
> like them". Yes... that does suck as a motive. Not all are that
> shallow. But you can't rely on roleplay here--you have to actually
> provide in-game motives to fight.

cf functional roleplaying, which is what you're really discussing

> Territory, as Shadowbane is trying, is probably a viable
> solution. And one which UO tried as well, btw, cf the entire
> Kazola saga which was essentially a war over a bit of
> psychologically valuable territory--remember, in a virtual
> setting, territory is really about mindshare. people fight for
> publicity and fame, not for the alleged reason in the first place.

And a perfectly drawn example of functional RP!

> <---end quote

Nicely written.

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