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Miroslav Silovic silovic at zesoi.fer.hr
Thu Nov 25 10:12:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

"Bruce Mitchener, Jr." <bruce at puremagic.com> writes:

> Miro started this project and I got sucked into it.  Neither of us
> have been saying a whole lot, as little code exists and designs are
> barely there and vapor is rather dull.

Ok, guess I have to add something to this. I've been tinkering for
awhile with this, and it turned out that design phase is taking a
looooong time. So I'm decidedly transmeta about the whole thing (can't
resist using transmeta as generic expression, it's so convenient :) )
That's also why I was so hush on this list about mud design issues - I
really have something so say, but as somebody here said, working
implementation is MUCH better than any number of vague ideas.

Anyway, there will be whitepapers and design notes as soon as we have
something to actually show. And no sooner.

> I'm trying to pick up my participation again and get things to where
> it could be used for a system within a couple of months hopefully.
> Help and thoughts are always appreciated.  License will be open,
> like Cold, although probably LGPL for many pieces.

Heh, and I sort of hoped not to say anything about deadlines. :)

How to eff the ineffable?

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