[MUD-Dev] Fair/Unfair? Scenarios (fwd)

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Thu Nov 25 21:40:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

J C Lawrence wrote:

> From: JB, aka Tempus <jbbeabNOjbSPAM at primary.net.invalid>
> I have a couple of hypothetical situations I would like to discuss
> which have been designed into quests on Dirt/Aber type muds in the past
> (and quite possibly muds of differing codebases).  I want to know your
> opinion of these situations and why you feel they are fair or unfair or
> perhaps conditionally fair or conditionally unfair, and of course why.
>  - Scenario A -
> Ok...so after the player enters, a battle ensues.  The player, without
> having an opportunity to flee is forced into combat with a mobile that
> is potentially significantly tougher than the player can handle.
> What are your thoughts on the above described scenario?

Unfair.  Players deserve some sort of warning that they are getting into
hot water.  It doesn't have to be explicit and certainly shouldn't be
'out of world', but there should be a warning of some sorts (maybe an
old man who advises the unready to trun back).  Without the warning
you're back to lottery role playing.  Players need enough information
to make sensible decisions (and the GM has a responsability to give
the players a fighting chance).
> - - Scenario B -
> Is it not reasonable for the quest the requires the potions to supply
> them?  Or is it reasonable for the quest to be written so that they are
> required but only obtainable from other quests which the quest author
> may or may not have written.

Yes, they should be provided, but not necessarily within the quest zone.
If thy are already available, then the quest creator does not need to
provide them.  If they are not available then he should get them placed
somewhere logical within the game world.  For instance, one of our
set in an old graveyard and the ghoul ridden catacombs beneath it
the formula for a specific spell.  This has to be found by researching
at the Miskatonic library - it isn't something you would find in an
old grave yard.  On the other hand, the rotting hand you also need can
be found in the zone, amongst the remains of the ghouls meals.
> Also, in this scenario, what impact does this have on quest
> looting...i.e. running into a quest to steal all the 'good stuff',
> possibly leaving the quest without tools/equipment that may be needed
> for that quest which were included by the quest author specifically for
> that quest and weren't intended to be used elsewhere?

Well, all our stuff repops evey 15 mins or so and there are only so many
rotting hands that anyone can carry...  In effect the quest is almost
always playable.

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