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Noted with droll amusement:

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People who hoard items don't affect you at all. Maybe backup
times take longer, but if they had not had 5th grade programmers
when they created the game, this would NOT have been an issue.

When you spend $50-60 on the game, and $10 a month to PLAY
the game, you should beable to hoard items if that is what you
ENJOY...  I hoarded items when I played. I enjoyed going to
a dungeon, fighting dragons, hoarding loot. I didn't pk, I didn't
steal from people, I didn't loot corpses.. I enjoyed collecting
items. As much as I hate to admit it, Raph Koster was MUCH
better for UO than the new guy.

>Yes, Item decay is necessary.. it will stop all the hoarders
>from generateing 100 billion items to use the next time
>they have some dingaling ticket system...

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