[MUD-Dev] Neural Networks as the AI system for a MUD?

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PartyG2816  <PartyG2816 at aol.com> wrote:

> The subject says it all.  I'm out researching various AI tools and
> i hit upon NN's. From the bit I have read, they seem rather
> interesting, and very well suited to a MUD's needs for AI. 

Quite.  There's also a fair bit of overhead required for such which
can prove burdensome (cf Raph Koster's comments on the UO AI).

Nathan Yospe did some work in this area which he commented on on the 
list.  You should be able to dig up some of his bits in the
archives.  I don't recall exactly how far Nathan got, but the
results he claimed were impressive.

> But I still haven't read far enough to really /know/ if you know
> what I mean... I thought maybe some of you more experienced people
> on here might have used em or know ab it about them.. And if that
> fails, if you can also provide a few other ideas for me to look up
> after I get done digging into NN's :)

There are a small collection of AI links in the Kanga.Nu Library.
Additionally I'd recommend hitting any one of the search sites for
ALife.  Its a huge field.

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