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IronWolf ironwolf at ewa.net
Sun Dec 5 21:48:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999


I'm am a, for lack of a better term, dabbler in the field of
online game design, aspiring to find a career in it. I am
hoping to find on this list a group of like-minded
individuals who like discussing design theories and possibly
sharing information on where to find resources in the field.

My history is fairly light, my first experience with online
gaming was Ultima Online, where I eventually became a
counselor (volunteer customer support) and later seer.
(volunteer quest designer) I have as of four months ago
retired from the latter post, but I've found that the search
for the perfect online experience doesn't seem to go away,
so if you can't find it, might as well design it.

I look forward to conversing with everyone. And if I
accidentally step on some toes over some mistake in
protocol, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will
correct it. (I'm already in edit text mode, which seem the
biggest deal with lists.)


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