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Miroslav Silovic <silovic at zesoi.fer.hr> wrote:

> HPUX and AIX are both 32-bit and will stay that way till Itanium
> begins shipping (that's in a year).

HP-UX went optionally 64bit as of v11.0 -- both HP-UX 10.20, and
11.0 (and 10.30 for the five people that saw it for that matter)
have chunks of my code in them.  If you run v11.0 on a Kittyhawk
(damn, I only really know the internal project names, I think that's
a K400), you get a 32bit OS.  Run it on a Mohawk (looks like a
Kittyhawk with a bigger power supply) or Jade (2 meter "Emerald"
cabinet) and you can get the 64bit side.

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