[MUD-Dev] New AI Engine released

Elysium tear at ministryofsound.net
Thu Dec 9 16:15:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[ Fabian ]
> I noticed an anouncment in a newsgroup that others in this list may be
> interested in.  It's called Brainiac, and it's an AI engine based heavily
> the goal/strategy structure.
> It can be found at:
> http://www.twilightminds.com/

I was actually going to submit the details to the group, but wanted the
moderator's explicit permission to do so, and haven't heard from him yet.
The basic press release is available at
http://www.twilightminds.com/news112999a.html, if anyone is interested.

> I've downloaded a copy and it looks pretty well developed.  Unfortunately
> looks to be only Win32 based, though it's open source, and may be possible
> to port.  If all else fails it's a very nice model to adapt to your own
> needs?

The system is being ported to Linux as I write this, and an ANSI C source
distribution (the current version uses some Win32 specific calls) will
probably be available shortly.

> the only thing I found lacking was better step-by-step instructions on how
> to get it to work with your own custom code.  [ ... ]

I'll point this out to my colleagues who are maintaining the engine. If
there are any other comments that you'd like to raise, there is a web
dicussion forum at our main site.

The Brainiac Behaviour Engine will also interface well with one of our
products in development, the Dynamic World Engine, a versatile world
simulation framework which will be exceptionally valuable in the development
of immersive MUDs. There are a few notes on this on our site, and I'll post
more details as they become available.

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