[MUD-Dev] Biosystems (was Fair/Unfair? Scenarios)

Marc Hernandez marc at ias.jb.com
Fri Dec 10 16:09:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Dundee wrote:

> Richard Ross wrote:
> >The basic idea (for me anyway) was to have creatures that only came out of
> >their lairs when they were hungry.  A griffin that only ate once a month
> >might seldom be seen out of it's lair (nest?), and when it is out (and
> >hungry) it attacks smaller creatures it encounters on the way, roams around
> >until it's full, then goes home.

<Certain SimPlanet MU* examples snipped>

	Faking is certainly good when you have a commercial deadline or
somesuch, but this is MUD-DEV.  Who knows what can be accomplished with
more complete simulations?  

> And I DO mean "fake it".  The players like the illusion, they really do.

> But don't do the sim-planet thing.  Just shoot for the end-result.  It's
> quick.  It's easy.  The players see the same thing as if you do some kinda
> neato deallie that takes a year to perfect.  And that is all that matters.

	The problem is that we just do not know what could come of good
simulations.  'good' is defined here as runs with reasonable processing
power and is robust[1].  
	People have talked about worldplay situations that could come
about, dragons being forced south etc.  But in order to get these types of
interactions, who knows how deep the sim would have to be.
	I admit, part of this comes from an 'explorer' personality.
Repoping areas is the antithesis of this.  To be able to do science on the
world while it was running would be fun.  There have been other things put
forth like a complete alchemist system (or was that on another

Marc Hernandez
[1] I am sure there are others.

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