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Neil Edwards neiled at clara.net
Sat Dec 11 11:18:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Hi there, I have been reading the group for a while and have not 
seen any material related to combat as of yet so I am going ask a 
few questions. I have been creating a java codebase now for the 
past two months and am about to start the combat side of it. I 
already have stats for the player etc and it is just the actual 
system of combat that I need help on.
At the moment my to-hit formula uses the profiency of the weapon 
(which can be an infintite number) the dexterity (max of 20) of the 
attacker and the health of the attacker (to add some fatigue factor)


This gives a percentage chance of the player actually hitting the 
victim. As you can see if you graph it with proficiency the variable 
that at first there is a big gradient and then after about prof level 50 
there is a relatively small increase as each level is reached. I 
wanted this because I think it will give new players a chance.
My defensive formula uses the defensive proficieny of the defender, 
the dexterity of the defender the armour class of the defender, the 
health of the defender and also the percentage hit chance of the 
attacker. This allows for lucky blows by an attacker to be knocked 
away with someone of a much higer defensive skill.

(health/constituition)(.5)) / (tohit%)

This gives a percentage chance of the player defending all of the 

My damage formula is pretty poor (not that the others are any 
good)  and uses the strengths of the attacker and defender and the 
armour class of the defender

(attacker - defender)*((100-armourClass)/100)

and gives a hp value to be removed from the defender.

I really sent them in so that people will pick them to pieces and 
allow me to make better ones. I think this is the stage to do it 
rather then after I implement it in the mud. So please send in any 
comments, they'll be much appreciated.

Neil Edwards
"Lifes a joke, and death's the punchline"

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