[MUD-Dev] Ideas for dynamic worlds

Ilya Ilya
Sat Dec 11 11:22:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Sat, 11 Dec 1999 10:43:13 -0800, Chimera wrote:

))I think it makes sense to assign "visibility" levels to
))objects (but have it calculated automatically and give
))builders the ability to modify this value if they want,
))or it will get tiresome). A glittering tower will
))certainly be more eye-catching than the rocks on the
))ground! I want to make this visibility level dependent
))on the user too, so a character with keener eyesight or
))who is on alert will notice more things than someone
))who is dozing off.
))Your idea to construct rooms out of objects is one that
))I'd thought to implement as well. Instead of writing
))descriptions for rooms, builders will place furniture
))and stuff according to their tastes, and a parser will 
))handle what users see according to their position, 
))lighting, etc. Unfortunately this will also place quite
))some strain on the server.

It probably wouldn't be as bad as "quite some strain." 
More strain than current systems, perhaps, but not likely
anything staggering.  Much of the description generation
would not have to vary that greatly, and in any event might
be handled at load time.  In other words, do the generation
of some portion of the descriptive elements ahead of time.
Then there would be little or no calculation involved every
time the view/location were 'seen.' Modifications which
would be required based on changing contents (a chair
is moved or destroyed, or something new placed in the
location) could be accomplished at the time the contents

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