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>At the moment my to-hit formula uses the profiency of the weapon
>(which can be an infintite number) the dexterity (max of 20) of the
>attacker and the health of the attacker (to add some fatigue factor)

Included, I think, should be the relative difficulty of the weapon. Even a
skilled fighter has trouble hitting someone with a badly-weighted piece of
lead pipe...

>My defensive formula uses the defensive proficieny of the defender,
>the dexterity of the defender the armour class of the defender, the
>health of the defender and also the percentage hit chance of the
>attacker. This allows for lucky blows by an attacker to be knocked
>away with someone of a much higer defensive skill.
>(health/constituition)(.5)) / (tohit%)

My only comment here is that you might want to chance the armour context. A
heavily armoured knight will be less able to 'dodge' blows than an
unarmoured thief.

IMO it should work out that two characters of the same ability and health
hit (and damage) each other 50% of the time, on average.

>My damage formula is pretty poor (not that the others are any
>good)  and uses the strengths of the attacker and defender and the
>armour class of the defender

>(attacker - defender)*((100-armourClass)/100)

IMO, some relevance to the damage potential of the weapon used should be
e.g [*(weapon damage/100)]. Also, the strength of the attacker vs. the
toughness of the defender.

Hope this helps


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