[MUD-Dev] The grass is always greener in the other field

Koster Koster
Thu Dec 16 18:41:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Cynbe ru Taren said:

> I think that this problem (storage of objects that are being hoarded or

> otherwise stored away, outside of common day-to-day usage) can be solved

> the technology side of things.

Design IS technology. :) Meaning, virtually every problem associated with
mud design is a design issue as well as a technology issue, and vice versa.

>   This is surely a problem for a system that

> attempts to load the entire DB into memory.  A disk-based system wouldn't

> have this problem. 

Sure it would. It just has different consequences. Any way you slice it, it
is to an admin's advantage to minimize footprint in memory and on disk.

> A log-structured would appear to be potentially beneficial here as only

> changes would need to be saved, making incremental backups much easier.

> That introduces a few extra issues: collapsing the logs, etc, but those

> all well researched.  This would may not be a good solution for all of the

> database needs as the log files could end up being far larger than the

> DB files, if the objects were involved in frequent state changes.

There's also speed issues.

> Another potential solution might be to use separate databases for varying

> types of classes of objects.  In this way, you can store things like homes

> in a separate DB which has a set of policies aimed at providing a more

> optimal storage strategy.



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