[MUD-Dev] Combat systems

Marc Spoorendonk marc at freud.et.tudelft.nl
Thu Dec 16 21:16:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

I've been writing combat formulae myself last week and I found them very
hard to balance. Things like never hitting a better enemy or doing almost
zero damage are very frustrating. Using the squareroot function in order
to create some curves in the statistics is a good idea. Log and exp
functions are cool too but in my current driver they aren't implemented.

I'm now writing a little tool which can draw graphs (gif output) which
show the damage delt versus the time elapsed. I hope that this will give
me a better insight in how the battles elapse. A problem here is that the
beginning and end of a fight are vague terms. You can hit a victim and
the victim can flee.. maybe the fight continues half an hour later when
you run into the victim again. Logouts, healings, multiple opponents at
once, etc, etc, make this even more complex.

When I've finished it I'll post some screenshots of the result.


Marc Spoorendonk

Marc Spoorendonk
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