[MUD-Dev] Optimized Object Storage

Sellers Sellers
Fri Dec 17 13:49:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Ian wrote:
> Firstly, my opinions.  Let's you know what probably influences me in
> certain directions.  I strongly dislike OOC solutions, or
> transparently artificial solutions.  Object decay fits both of those
> to my mind, so I dislike it.  

I'm curious why you see that as an OOC/artificial solution.  Having items
remain around forever in perfect condition seems to me to be more
artificial.  Isn't it reasonable (not to mention an interesting game
mechanic, requiring the player to make meaningful and informed decisions) to
put a cost on keeping an item in good working order, and/or giving it a
finite useful lifespan?  

Leaving the technical end aside for now,
Mike Sellers

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