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Fri Dec 17 17:44:46 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

>>Timothy O'Neill Dang / Cretog8 wrote:
>>It seems the best way would to create a low-overhead way for players
>>to keep souvenirs which has some benefit to them over hoarding the
>>item itself. Would it be too farfetched for each PC to have a "scrapbook"
>>or something of the like where they could transfer special items into the
>>book for safekeeping *only* as souvenirs? Presumably they would need the
>>ability to show off the scrapbook to others, as well.

>From: Douglas Couch <dscouch at purdue.edu>
>Perhaps a showcase in their room?  A couple of souvenir style things that
>I've run into while being a player had more to do with the type of mobs
>killed than items collected.  (Probably says something about the MUD's I
>like.)  In one case, there is a tattoo artist that will put a tattoo on
>your character that reads, "I killed Boffo" if you bring him the body of
>Boffo when you kill him.  Another option was to find a special sword which
>was capable of removing the heads from corpses.  When the corpses
>decomposed, the heads remained.  There was talk of setting up a trophy wall
>for people's rooms, but the idea was never implemented.
>Doug Couch

It's been a long-term goal of of several game designers to mimic glory and
shame in an online community and to breathe life into the character through
a personal history.  Almost year ago, after writing specs and speaking
persuasively for months, I coaxed programmers (as I am not one) to implement
"Legends" in Dark Ages.

Dark Ages does not have a scrapbook per se, but has a legend for each
character.  Significant quests and events are entered here.  They are easily
accessible to any other character.

Dark Ages is a graphic online RPG, with isometric view.
    - One clicks on an avatar.
    - His character portrait, items worn, legend, and interactions window
    - Click legend icon and see a new window of legends.  Some characters
having up to 40 entries.

The important job of the designer and operator here is manage the legends.
They are all text, so easy to create.  They are non-transferable and do not
always have an effect on game mechanics; therefore have ownership directly
tied to the avatar, and guard play balance.  The successful designer
distributes enough legends to be entertaining, while restricting them enough
to preserve their unique quality and character memory usage.

There are various techniques for this.  A simple and fun one is to offer
variations of a quest that have variations of a legend.  A twist to this
technique is to offer a difficult quest later that requires multiple
characters: one for each of the prior quest variations.

Players like legends a lot.  At least this game designer does, too.  As
written above, they approach the goal: 1) mimic glory and shame, 2) breathe
life into the character.

For one example:
    www.darkages.com/pics/index_feature.html [Click Legends]

For more examples, click on players in Dark Ages (free trial).

Examples from other games do not come to mind, except another Nexon game
that borrowed Legends feature from Dark Ages.

Dave Kennerly
Game Director

MUD-Dev maillist  -  MUD-Dev at kanga.nu

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