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Lovecraft  <dave at darkages.com> wrote:

> Dark Ages does not have a scrapbook per se, but has a legend for
> each character.  Significant quests and events are entered here.
> They are easily accessible to any other character.

Good stuff.  Do make sure you've read the Habitat papers and in
particular the references to the Egg, custom heads, and other
evolved reputations forms and communal currencies.  You might also
like to dig thru the archives here for how Strings evolved into a
player currency on Legend.

You can find links to the Habitat Papers in the Library at Kanga.Nu,
somewhere under Game Design:


Mention of Strings in Legend can be found somewhere in the archives.
I've been unable to find anything except my reference to them at:


I suspect that I have the wrong name (ie something other than
"Strings" for the tokens awarded for good RP and trivial pursuit
games on Legend.  (Raph?)

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