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> Dark Ages does not have a scrapbook per se, but has a legend for each
> character.  Significant quests and events are entered here.  They are
> accessible to any other character.


> Players like legends a lot.  At least this game designer does, too.  As
> written above, they approach the goal: 1) mimic glory and shame, 2)
> life into the character.


> Examples from other games do not come to mind, except another Nexon game
> that borrowed Legends feature from Dark Ages.

LegendMUD has a feature like this; I coded it back in '96. It doesn't use
unique text strings, but rather text strings tied to the general flagging
system already extant in the mud. This lack of uniqueness has not harmed the
popularity of the feature any--players love it, and collect "whois strings"
as another ladder of advancement ("must get them all!"). They are only given
out for quest completion, generally, but also have a few other niceties:

- they have the ability to attach a prefix title to a character's name
(Lord, Lady, Sir, Doctor, etc)
- they can be attached for arbitrary flags, so we also used it to call out
players of significant achievement (winners of the annual roleplaying
awards, etc)
- there's also ones for reaching levels of experience higher than the
highest mortal level

UO: Second Age launched with this capability in the code, but to my
knowledge it was never used. It affected the character profile that can be
pulled up with the Second Age client.


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