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> This is an interesting possibility. Perhaps the login system
> should behave a little more intelligently and, for example, allow
> the player to view the location he's about to appear in before
> entering. Or, choose a safer nearby location. If you only permit
> logging out in specific locations, this is a non-problem also.

The last initial login system I wrote took a slightly different
tack:.  You started out at a great altitude, falling, and seeing the
world rapidly approach you from below.  As you got closer you were
able to distinguish increasing detail about the world below.  As the
world approached you were also able to crudely steer yourself
towards or away from the various things seen below until final
impact.  Just prior to impact you had a brief chance to see the
locations immediately surrounding your impact site.  The steering
was *not* fine -- you more or less got to select the what county, or
at least what NOT county, and that's about it.  Upon impact a
generic body, indentical to every other starting body, and equally
nondescript and featureless was materialised and given to you.

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