[MUD-Dev] Farewell again

Ilya Ilya
Mon Dec 20 16:12:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Hello friends and all,

I've enjoyed a reasonably high percentage of the exchanges on this list,
and found benefit from many of the excellent resources found therein.
Still, it's time to say farewell and so here I go!

Once before I took a break from MUD-DEV after Raph suggested
he had spent less time actually getting things done and more time
reading/responding to messages (or something to that effect).
So I (in the incarnation of Cimri at that time) decided I'd best go do
something.  That something was the Game Commandos site.

Now 'doing' calls again, but I thought I should at least say a word on
the way out.  Not that anybody is expecting an answer from me in
particular, I believe!  Just that it seemed right to drop a word.

I wish you well,


  Ilya, Game Commandos     http://www.gamecommandos.com     

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