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Ilya, GC <Ilya at gamecommandos.com> wrote:

> method <method_e at hotmail.com>) wrote:

>> Does anyone have a recommendation for where I can find
>> information on the Telnet protocol and more specifically
>> programming it in Win32 with Winsocks? Thanks :)

> Stevens' Unix Network Programming is excellent, though it has
> nothing on Win32 I think.

Nothing beats Stevens UNP or the three volume TCP/IP Illustrated for
accuracy, detail, or utter utility.  I have a copy on my desk at
home, a copy on my desk here at work, and damn near a copy for the
car for sitting in traffic on rthe daily commute.  Comer did a
similar three volume series which is of similar quality, but is in
some ways a little more glossy than Stevens.

If you are looking for 'net available tutorials on socket code there
are a number of pretty good ones in the Library (encluding the ever
famous Beej).  You can also find the code sets for the various
Stevens and Comer books under ftp://ftp.kanga.nu/pub/Devel/Docs/.

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