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> Hello friends, and all,
> Our current collection of all named races and classes in all
> the games listed on www.themudlist.com currently includes
> about four hundred and fifty names of races, species, and
> ethnic groupings, along with a further several hundred
> different names of classes.
> Just for fun, and perhaps as a reference (what to DO, and
> in many cases what NOT to do!) I list them all here.
<masses of classes>
<masses of races>

Well thanks! That save me typing out the entire AD&D Monstrous Manual!
Seriously, did most of that race list look familiar or what?  I've been
designing my MUD for a few months now and every time I get stuck I put in
some D&D rules.  That's not a concious decision (I haven't even played it
for four years), I just cobble something together only to have another
designer turn around and say "Oh, you mean like in <insert d&d sourcebook
here>".  Oddly enough I've not ever considered adding in some Shadowrun
stuff (which I play twice weekly and have done for nigh on four years).

This has probably been asked before but I currently lack the facilities to
check...  Are there any -truely- original MUDs out there?  or do players
need points of reference like familiar races/classes, recognisable
societies/governments etc?


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