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Tue Dec 21 17:30:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[JC Lawrence]
> Wesley: I crossed your post to MUD-Dev for further comment.
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> Subject: Collecting ideas for a MUD server...
> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 11:35:13 +0000
> Some friends and I were thinking about writing a new MUD server from
> scratch and I thought it would be wise to collect information from
> people who have been running&coding them. :-)

Not a bad idea.  Press the limits though and make it expandable.  Use plugins,
new technologies (ActiveX), different network protocols, etc...  If your
making a new one then go for broke.

> Our plans (at present) are to make a compiler/interpreter for a custom
> OO language and build the actual MUD completely in this language. As I
> understand it, MOO already takes this approach. What I would like to
> gather is a list of features that people consider essential to a MUD
> programming language.

Sounds nice.  I programmed an ActiveX scripting language that I then connect
to through a plugin.  It handles all basic arithematic and the such.  The actual
core is programmed in C/C++.  Plugins can be written in JavaScript, VBScript,
RexxScript, DigiScript (mine), as DLLs (must support custom interfaces), as
ActiveX controls (also must support custom interfaces), and as TCP/IP servers
that return formatted control streams.

[JC Lawrence]
> I also wanted to know of what MUDs currently implement any of the
> following: multithreading, guis, exploiting client processors, pgp
> certificates about players so their characters can move from one server
> to another w/o the two servers ever talking directly.

I don't know about existing muds that support too many of those things.  I've
coded a plugin driver that accepts different types of plugins that interact
and create a game.  Several of these plugins support multithreaded users.
A couple of export plugins use DirectPlay over the Internet and DirectX
streams with personally coded clients to stream 3D arenas (very small).
These clients therefore use quite a bit of the clients processors.  And one
plugin if used properly and installed on all clients can create a MUD without
any server at all.  Just the users.

The PGP thing is neat and I haven't thought about that one yet.  It would be
neat, but negotiating a character through PGP isn't as easy as it sounds.
using my WORMHOLE plugin you can easily connect multiple servers that are
all running a WORMHOLE program.  I've used this for several space type games
I've created with my plugins.

> Thanks alot.
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