[MUD-Dev] Collecting ideas for a MUD server... (fwd)

Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Wed Dec 22 13:54:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

[Rahul Sinha]

> ActiveX???
> most muds run on Unix, with good reason, stay FAR away from activeX,
> unless you think your mud shoudl run on a server with the GUI in
> kernelspace...
    Most MUDs is right.   But you are creating a new mud.  So why are you
worried about what most MUDs do.  You should be worried about what your
MUD will do.  I've already programmed a MUD using all of the theories
and items I have described.

> once again, keep in mind that a) your players are not all running GUIs
> (unless that is a design requirement) and b) if you are going to make your
> mud graphical, speed issues exist with the embedded-into-webpage idea...
> hence why games like SPQR died out...

    Its not embedded into a web page.  Your obviously a UNIX guy.  ActiveX
isn't for web pages.  COM is coming into existence on UNIX now.  And that
is what ActiveX is all about, COM components.  My mud will run on any COM
complient operating system or any OS that has COM extensions.  Also, the
server has multiple output/input plugins.  I can have ten different types of
clients viewing my world in ten different ways based on the port they connect
to.  For instance.  Vampires can see at night, so their gamma is higher.  Bug
creatures see into the infrared and I jack the red level up on the levels as a
result.  But you can also connect to the mud through the standard text port.  So
I'm not locked, because I'm modular =-)

> Justin's plan locks you into a) windows b) guis and c) is unnecissary if
> you want to write a windows gui-client mud

> ??? multithreaded USERS?
    Each user has his own thread that he runs in.  Works for up to about 20
users.  I modified this later though.  Each area runs in its own thread, and
large groups of NPCs have their own threads.  All in all about 50 threads
get spawned during an uprun.

> ummm a peer-to-peer setup is not safe for any centralized game... Justin,
> have you actually implemented this? If so, you are begging for some player
> to remember that he can hexedit his character...

    No not at all.  It isn't quite like that.  I do keep a global player up.
they are still playing the game.  Users transfer their information around to
others as they are playing.  So if you log into the system and your user profile
doesn't match the user profile that everyone else has of you then you get

    I implemented this because people can create their own worlds offline and
they start each becomes a shard.  And two players with mutual agreeance can
links between their worlds and thus users can navigate over player created

> and if you are streaming DirectPLay, how is this peer-to-peer? (iow you
> NEED a client-server setup)
    These are multiple instances.  Like I said, I programmed a core that loads
plugins, and now I have nearly 300 plugins that I've created and as such can at
time spawn around 80 different games that I've made each with different storage
locations, commands, input mechanisms, output formats etc...

    - Justin Rogers, CEO DigiTec Web Consultants

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