[MUD-Dev] Collecting ideas for a MUD server... (fwd)

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Wed Dec 22 15:31:57 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

"Wesley W. Terpstra" wrote:
> Of course, but how do current in-MUD programming languages handle race
> conditions? Do they do something similar to the java synchronize keyword?
> Do they use semaphores? What? What? And what is the best in peoples
> opinions?

Well, the trick is that is that you don't usually want to expose
synchronization primitives to people building areas, etc. Search the
archives for "lockless" and "C&C" for much discussion of one

> There are several of us. One of us will be writing the client and telling
> the server programmers what he wants for the protocols etc.
> So, I have no problems with shunting work on him. :-)
> We had planned on the actual gui being customizable between worlds, but
> for the first server we would have a birds eye view like Ultima 6. (great
> game!)

I made the mistake with Tradewars: TNE of having the interface
hard-coded in the client in early versions. Having to download a new
client version nearly every time the server is updated is not a good

> Yes, I know. But making it have a gui already forces our hand, so why not
> suck on their processor to lighten the servers burden?

If you can do that without downloading any information to the client
that's not supposed to be available to the player, and without having
the server trust the results of any client-side computations, go for it.

> Not being an openGL techie myself, I don't even know if java can do
> openGL. Or if it can whether it can do it portably. Time to call up Alex.

Several OpenGL bindings are available, and Sun produced a Java3D API as
well. However, Java is easily decompiled, exposing your client a bit
more than it otherwise would be.

> Our model was going to be more just one virtual machine which opens a
> bunch of ports and connects objects (inMUD language) to the sockets and
> tags on a thread or two. :-) Any problems with this model that
> people have run into?

Thread collisions. Separate threads should never touch if you can help

> Cool 'eh? This is why I want to know if anyone has already done this or
> whether I can stamp my name on it. ;-)

I'm not aware of anyone who's done this, nor even wanted to.
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