[MUD-Dev] Collecting ideas for a MUD server... (fwd)

Rahul Sinha rsinha at glue.umd.edu
Wed Dec 22 22:18:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Greg Miller wrote:

> "Wesley W. Terpstra" wrote:
> > There are several of us. One of us will be writing the client and telling
> > the server programmers what he wants for the protocols etc.
> > So, I have no problems with shunting work on him. :-)
> > We had planned on the actual gui being customizable between worlds, but
> > for the first server we would have a birds eye view like Ultima 6. (great
> > game!)
> I made the mistake with Tradewars: TNE of having the interface
> hard-coded in the client in early versions. Having to download a new
> client version nearly every time the server is updated is not a good
> thing.

interface agnosticism is a Good Thing ;-)

on a related note, wes, do you plan to allow for text-user access?

> > Yes, I know. But making it have a gui already forces our hand, so why not
> > suck on their processor to lighten the servers burden?
> If you can do that without downloading any information to the client
> that's not supposed to be available to the player, and without having
> the server trust the results of any client-side computations, go for it.

which means you can only offload graphics computations, or some physics if
you don't mind that lag will make your players "hop"

> > Cool 'eh? This is why I want to know if anyone has already done this or
> > whether I can stamp my name on it. ;-)
> I'm not aware of anyone who's done this, nor even wanted to.

this sounds like Everquest...
except for the internal MUD language portion...


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