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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Rahul Sinha wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Greg Miller wrote:
> > I made the mistake with Tradewars: TNE of having the interface
> > hard-coded in the client in early versions. Having to download a new
> > client version nearly every time the server is updated is not a good
> > thing.
> interface agnosticism is a Good Thing ;-)
> on a related note, wes, do you plan to allow for text-user access?

Not in any way.

Sorry, but there's lots of text MUDs out there and requiring backwards
compatibility would hinder Alex's creativity. He wants the freedom to make
things first person if he so chooses or birds eye view... Building rooms
will be a 'show me' not 'tell me' scenario as I understand it.

Having to do both would be a massive pan.

> > If you can do that without downloading any information to the client
> > that's not supposed to be available to the player, and without having
> > the server trust the results of any client-side computations, go for it.
> which means you can only offload graphics computations, or some physics if
> you don't mind that lag will make your players "hop"

I had also hoped to get the clients to do all the chain building since you
can't forge them, but I don't know how they can get the data they need
yet. And then there's the whole single-source/single-destination vs.
single-source/all-destination shortest path argrivation (curses! why did
god make them cost nearly the same?!).

Maybe I can get the clients to do the entire dfs and send the server the
results... They're trivially verified after all.

> this sounds like Everquest...
Where can I find more about this?

And what are these archives people keep refering to? I only just
subscribed to this list (yesterday) so I am a completely blind newbie. 

Are you people just talking about the archives from this mailing list at

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