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On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:02:51 -0600 (CST) 
Cat  <cat at realtime.net> wrote:

> Even a hobby project shouldn't have too much trouble getting
> enough computing power together to smoothly handle a few hundred
> simultaneous players...

I have sitting here beside me, unused, a dual P-III with half Gig of
RAM and a few dozen Gig of Fast/Wide SCSI-III in a 4U rackmount.  I
can colo the box on a T1 for just over $150/month.  The problem is
that I don't particularly have a use for that machine.  What to do?

> (If you're not getting an inflated salary yet, try a
> headhunter. :X)

<kof>  The Valley is getting very silly.  <kof>

> Distributing the game processes over machines on a LAN (or
> multiple CPUs in a box with shared memory) solves that problem
> quite decently in my opinion.  

You might like to read a couple papers I've got stashed down at the
bottom of my page at kanga.nu:

  "SMP scaling considered harmful"


  "The Labs and Linux" 

which expands on some of the base ideas.  I'm not convinced of all
his assertions, but he makes a good argument.

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