[MUD-Dev] Admins as Mortals twist

msew msew at trilogy.com
Thu Dec 30 11:23:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

At 08:29 AM 11/24/99 -0800, Sellers, Michael wrote:
>The point of this is to avoid the cults of personality (or anti-cults)
>surrounding specific admins: "I'm looking for so-and-so; he likes me." Or,
>"Forget it, I'm not talking to AdminX, he's not fair and has it in for me."
>This also makes it possible to deal with admin turnover without any visible
>effects in the game.  And when problems arise, it makes it easier to yank
>one problem admin out for a while, and to deal with the players with a
>united front.

so it seems that these cults of personalities and anti-cults from having 
lots of contact with the admins.

0) if the game has LOTS of problems

1) gods are hanging around chatting

2) gods have the ability to give out rewards and quests (that have rewards) 
and then do so at a  "whim"

I am also not clear why you would not want to have cults of personality and 
then use these cults for your own manipulation.

I recall on a mud I played on where there was one god whom EVERYONE was 
scared of.  Black and White and never "understanding" at all.  This is the 
law and I don't care about any mitigating circumstances not even on christmas!

And there were many other gods whom were much nicer.

Basically you asked one of the other gods first and if it was a crazy 
situation they (the admin team) would bring in the B&W god and his word was 
LAW.  No one tried to appeal or complain.

(side note: I think you need both the "understanding" guides that make a 
judgement call on whether to resurrect you and give you back exp, or 
retrieve your corpse from a super hard CR and you also need the people that 
are totally Black and White.)

Whether this can scale to a game with 1000s of players on at once is the 
real question.

Possibly having "guide sects"  where you have the Judges that are the B&W 
and they are used as a final straw to decide stuff.

Shrug, I personally think the faceless admin team is a bad idea.  You 
quickly get to the us (players) vs them (admin)

I also think that most games get the cults of personality when the gods 
take a non-bug fixing stature.  If I can chat with the god/guide and have 
him come down and have tea with me I think that changes the whole 
relationship vs the god/guide whom I only talk to when I need help from 
some bug/issue within the game.


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