[MUD-Dev] concerning tokenization, compilation, performance, and other fun stuff.

Nate Cain nate at cotdom.com
Sun Jan 2 17:34:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

There has been a lot of talk recently, on this list, about tokenization,
parsing, compilation, and virtual machines for in-game languages.  Also,
there has been some talk about performance issues of these various
techniques.  It seems to me (And I am no authority as I have never
implemented a full driver, library, or compiler for any complex
language) that the optimal solution for programming mud objects would be
to have all of the objects be dynamicly linked libraries of some sort.

This would have many advantages over other methods.  The most notable of
these would be speed.  Objects would be compiled to native machine code,
and would run directly on the processor.  Also, these objects could very
quickly and easily be loaded and unloaded as well.  The objects could be
written in any language for which there was a compiler available for the
target OS, and could, potentially, allow objects to have access to
system/os functions that would make objects able to do some very cool

This sort of system could also be implemented very easily, and could
also very easily be multithreaded.  It's a perfect use for the COM
model, or ActiveX... if you want to go that route.  :-)

Has anyone tried this sort of thing?  Are there any docs/papers out
there on how such a system might work?  if no-one has done it yet, is
anyone willing to help out? ;-)


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