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Wed Jan 5 05:25:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000


Well, *hacking* EverQuest wasnt as hard as UO, since they mostly used
allready existing code for the engine.
Standard CRC32 for checksums, zLib for s3d files and an old 3d engine for
the world-view :)

Since the world is broken up into different zones, the server does not
bother making in-range checks 
for NPC updates.
Every time you zone you get all the NPC's in the zone, their level (thought
the /con is done by the server), class / race.

The autor of ShowEQ for Linux was (he resigned a few days ago due to
reallife isues :( ) a HackersQuest member.
There is also a windows version of it, which works a little different, but
its not that hard.
Soon I hope to have the time to build in a 3D view of the zone with all the
monsters :).

Right now Verant is moving many checks away from the client to the server
(trading NO-DROP items was fixed a month ago).
But still, you can change items you wear and its visible to everyone.
YYY -> Server    ..... May I inspect XXXXX
Server -> XXXXX  ..... What do you wear?
XXXXX  -> Server ..... A surpassingly accurate silver halberd of
vanquishing  ;)
Server -> YYY    ..... XXXXX wears ......

If you have any specific questions on how ShowEQ works, or how it was done.
Feel free to ask.

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