[MUD-Dev] Hello!

Sellers Sellers
Fri Jan 7 07:57:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Raph wrote:
> Randy wrote:
> > I draw some rather scathing
> > lessons from some of the failures of products created by, and still run
> > people on this very list.
> Skewer away! :) I have noticed that sometimes in the rush to be polite and
> professional about other people's work, we don't critique enough.

Hmmm, is that the sound of knives sharpening I hear...? :-)

Welcome to the list Randy, great to see you here.  Can you tell us what's
going on with you and massively-shared worlds (aka MUDs/MMPOGs) these days?

Mike Sellers
(I'm at EA/Maxis, working on SimCity Online)

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