[MUD-Dev] Object and class heirarchies -- are they really necessary?

Draymoor fibhufky at erols.com
Fri Jan 7 18:59:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

From: Kevin Littlejohn <darius at connect.com.au>

>At the moment, I'm thinking
>along the lines of a bunch of smaller objects, which most things in the
>world inherit from, which define clumps of attributes.  Example most easy
>to deal with is that of materials - define a bunch of objects that provide
>the attributes that make up metal, wood, stone, as three different objects,
>then just inherit whichever one you want - and presto: you gain all the
>attributes of that material.  Same goes for a lot of other stuff - some
>things (like basic universal attributes) would exist in objects that
>everything inherits from, others would be kind of pick and choose to get
>the effect you want.

How do you design code so that inheriting one class will create a differant
effect on the object (such as the material it is made of)? Is it simply a
matter of the mathods the object uses? In that case, How would it act if
there wasn't a class for say, material?

Any help on the whole topic of inheritence based objects in mudding would be
much appreciated, actually. I've got no exposure to this field ;)


-Philip Loguinov

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