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Lovecraft dave at darkages.com
Fri Jan 7 23:09:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Geoffrey MacDougall :

> At the risk of gooing, let me just state that as a student conducting my

> research into the political-sociology of virtual worlds,

Perhaps some members of the list could point out--to me--some informative
no-nonsense writings on player politics: in depth analyses of techniques;
not fluffy caricatures.  For good example, the justice paper that was in
Game Developer's magazine sometime in the last year (sorry link unfound).
For bad example, "Implementing God":

Geoffrey's background reminded me, but the topic is motivated by a need,
both for purpose of simulation and entertainment, to better understand MUD
player politics, and useful political mechanics.

I've designed a few online RPG political systems, most recently Dark Ages',
with very limited resources (mine, not the politicians'...).  I want to
study the art and advance the art.  I've found anthropology and a little bit
of real-world social science to be directly helpful, but I feel a gap that I
believe a good analysis will fill.

Dave Kennerly
Game Director

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