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> Yes, I do indeed have 18 possible exits per room.
> n,s,e,w,u,d,nu,nd,su,sd,eu,ed,wd,wu,nw,ne,se,sw

This is one of the reasons that I like contextual exits so much in
addition to the base compass directions (where they apply).  Just
name something the character can see (or knows) is in some
direction, and he will move in that direction.  eg If he's in a
street and there's a pub in one side amd a store on the other, "pub"
takes him one way, and "store" the other.

Further, it also makes it easier to add various forms of
disorientation.  The character is in a new area, is under a
disorientation spell, or is carrying a large lodestone with him?  He
has no idea of compass directions and any attempt to navigate by
compass directionw will result in random motion (or at least

One of the implicit advantages of this is that it allows you to
later extend your directional command matrix if you decide to make
more interesting spaces (such as non-euclidien) that need their own
movement commands as different from the others.  It also makes it
very easy to extend to orientation support ala "forward", "back",
"left", "right", etc, or say given orbital mechanics, "in", "out"
"retro", etc.

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