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> I think 'scan' is a crude way to work around the -real- problem that
> most muds do not have any from of  'line of sight'  You can not look
> into the next room,  even if it is supposed to be the same street or
> market square. The implementations I have seen allow players to look
> around corners, which is equally silly as the absence of scan.

I had been considering having the occupants of adjacent rooms visible to
everyone as part of the standard 'look' command.

    A narrow alley [NE,S]
    This alley fits all of the typical
       fantasy alley stereotypes.  It
       happens to be quite cluttered.
       A sleeping beggar.
       A large rat.
    To the northeast:
       Two ugly thugs.

One thing I like about it is that it gets rid of the silly "is here" tagged
onto the end of everyone's short desc.  Crowded areas could become a
problem, but I think that by only allowing a player to notice a subset of
the present/nearby people, the spam should not be too bad (if you are in a
crowded hallway, you just _cannot_ see everyone).  This would be in
conjunction with the features of the attention thread mentioned a while
back, rooted at (or near):


Of course builders will be able to turn the ability to see adjacent rooms
off, to acount for doors, curtains, twisty little passages, etc.

Of course, all this may fail horribly in alpha testing.  :)

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