[MUD-Dev] Fair/Unfair? Scenarios (fwd)

Douglas Couch dscouch at purdue.edu
Mon Jan 10 13:33:46 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Eli Stevens wrote:
>I had been considering having the occupants of adjacent rooms visible to
>everyone as part of the standard 'look' command.
>    >look
>    A narrow alley [NE,S]
>    This alley fits all of the typical
>       fantasy alley stereotypes.  It
>       happens to be quite cluttered.
>    Here:
>       A sleeping beggar.
>       A large rat.
>    To the northeast:
>       Two ugly thugs.

How does this affect the thugs?  Presumably, if you can see the thugs, then
they should be able to see you also.  Does this mean that auto-attacking
mobs will move and attack to adjacent rooms too?  What about sound too?
Should this include giving the thugs the ability to taunt or throw insults
to people within adjacent rooms?  I like some of these concepts, but for
myself, I think the complexity gets pretty heavy.  I'll be interested to
hear more about how it works as you move into alpha testing.

Doug Couch

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