[MUD-Dev] Embedded languages, object persistance... ack.

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On Thu, 30 Dec 1999 08:56:28 +1100 
Kevin Littlejohn <darius at connect.com.au> wrote:

>>>> "Joe Kingry" wrote

> Databasing gives you a little more than that in terms of
> persistance, tho.  Because there's no load/save, things are
> committed immediately, there's no potential loss of information in
> crash etc.  

This is only true if you don't do write cacheing, write combining,
or some other form of delayed write in order to save expensive file
IO.  In a large and active server there can be value in minimising
file IO.

> (Incidentally, there's a topic in there I'd love to pursue with
> other like-minded souls - multiple inheritance vs. single
> inheritance, levels of inheritance, and the possibility of a 'kit'
> approach on top of inheritance - so you go "mageDwarf =
> mageKit(dwarfPlayer)" to extend things, then optionally use _that_
> as a prototype...)

Go for it.

> Upload?  Hrm.  I'm going to shortly write something that drags
> code from the database, presents it in a flashy tk-based window,
> lets you edit it, and commit the changes.  Would that be the sort
> of thing you're thinking of?

Have a look at tkMOO-lite.  Most of the work has been done for you.

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