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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Sun Jan 16 22:27:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Fri 14 Jan, Dundee wrote:

> Would this be an appropriate forum to seek advice on how to handle an
> "incident" recently which has included, so far, name-calling on a message
> board, toading of a player, resignation of the mud hosts (without warning no
> less, *poof* mud is gone) and still, apparently, continues on with friends of
> the player who was banned seeking "support" from other players to demand an
> apology from the admin.  Whom, as far as I can tell, is prepared to apologize
> when hell freezes over and the sun turns to dust.

> Most of our players are scratching their heads wondering what happened, and
> since we're not saying, their only source of information is the toad's
> friends - somewhat one-sided.

> So, I would like to explain what happened, and what's happening now, and seek
> advice on how we should handle the whole matter.

> But I want to make sure that's appropriate for this mailing list, first.

I am not sure if this is truly appropriate for this list. At least not
any -specific- incident. This is meant to be a list about the develop-
ment of muds after all.  Dealing with conflicts however is very much a
topic that would fit in this list,  as are many forms of running a mud
as opposed to developing one.

Without further information  I would guess that in your case something
seriously went wrong with the -communication- between player and admin
and the situation deteriorated from there.  In my (admittedly limited)
experience,  it is very rare  to find a player  who seeks to destroy a
mud for no reason.  Most of the time both sides involved feel slighted
and are willing to go to quite silly lengths to either prove that they
are right or to get revenge.

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