[MUD-Dev] Valhalla license?

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Tue Jan 18 03:49:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000 CFrancy at aol.com wrote:

> Do any of you have any advice to give on my situation:
> Im looking to have a codebase to use on a mud without restriction 
> commercially.  Valhalla (derivation of Diku , www.valhalla.com ) offers a 
> business lisence for 900 dollars.  Does anyone think I'd be better off buying 
> Valhalla than attempting to create a codebase from scrath with 4 other 
> coders? 
> Thanks beforehand for any advice given.
> CFrancy at aol.com

Are you kidding me? Unless you intend to license/sell your language for
money after you develop it, and providing that Valhalla fits your needs,
you'd be crazy to develop your own. The time you would put into it is
worth way more than $900. Heck, if the four of you just went and got jobs
at McDonalds for a week, at $6/hour, you'd have $960 before taxes. A week
and a half of that and you are sorted. And, I'd imagine that if you are
considering writing your own codebase, you have skills that will get you
paid a lot more than some burger-flipping job. 

Buy the license, spend your time developing the game. (Again, provided
Valhalla fits your needs. I know nothing about it.)


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