[MUD-Dev] How to handle/display partial language skill

Greg Underwood gunderwood at donet.com
Tue Jan 18 23:53:57 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

At 07:44 PM 1/18/00 -0800, "Joe Kingry" <jkingry at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>We have a very basic way of handling languages on our mud. Currently each
>language has a table of sylables/words and a mapping to a some assortment of
>But how do you handle non 100% skill in a language? I imagine in our case
>with a table that maps various fragments you could do a reverse map of the
>fragment only if you passed a skill check.  I've experimented with this with
>varying results.  I'm just looking for other ideas at this time.
>Any suggestions on how to handle languages?

mmm... how about something like this.  Your % skill in the langauge
determines not only whether you got the translation at all, but what % of
it you got.  IE: a 50% in the skill might result in a correct translation
of half of the phrase, or an incorrect translation of the whole phrase, or
a mix.

Something like:

results = throwdice();

if (results <= skill[target_lang])
   // give them an accurate translation, but not 
   // necessarily of the whole sentance
else if ((results > skill[target_lang]) && 
         (results < skill[target_lang] + 
            ((100-skill[target_lang])/2))  )
   // IE: skill[target_lang] = 50%, and they roll
   // between 50 and 75 give them some correct,
   // and some incorrect, and some not at all.
else if (results > skill[target_lang] + 
            ((100-skill[target_lang])/2) )
   // give them an incorrect translation/gobbly-gook

Just some thoughts.


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