[MUD-Dev] Community Relations

Koster Koster
Wed Jan 19 09:54:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

First, let me say "bravo!" to Ola. :)

Ola wrote:

> I hope we can avoid recreating this old thread in it's entirety.

Actually, it seems to me that we have quite a lot to discuss in this area.
Possible spin-off topics include:

- is there, and should there be, an implicit responsibility on the part of a
mud admin upon opening his doors to the public?

- if not, what are the differences between the real world and virtual that
make this responsibility go away? This is useful to the field because it
clarifies gray areas about the relationship between the real and the

- if it is agreed that the responsibility exists, is it possible to codify
said responsibility? That may indeed be useful to the field.

- if the responsibility is difficult to manage, are there tools or training
or assistance that can be provided to admins who could use the help?
Advances the field by prompting new tool development.

- is it desirable (for ethical OR commercial reasons) to move towards a less
paternalistic community management system? If so, what tools can be provide
the players?

These are hardly exhausted questions, to my mind, and they have a lot of
potential for making muds better.

BTW, let me say that by and large, I believe that a mud admin must
manipulate the hell out of the playerbase. I am not as thoroughly idealistic
as my reply to Matt may have made me seem. ;)


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