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A question: In what way do you manifest yourself as the immortal?
Is it plainly a 'Bubba the Immortal is standing here.' ?

I was considering this last night while playing UO. In UO whenever there
is a problem that requires GM interaction the guy that appears is nothing
more that another human in a red robe. Most players totally rag on these
guys. Perhaps if they were to appear as a Balron or some other hideous 
creature they could gain some more respect.

Think about The Wizard of Oz. When the group first went into the room and
the fire blazed and the big head had a booming voice. At that point the Wizard
was in COMPLETE control. Once the group found the man behind the curtain then
his power was shifted to Dorothy.

Thinking back to earlier admin experiences with troublesome players I wish I
would of projected my self as a big head or something menacing. 

Maybe a troublesome player could be yanked into a totally dark room. Each time
he said something in the room it would always comeout as a whisper. Each time
the immortal said something it would be a booming voice. Or the head could 
dissappear and reappear next to the players ear. Add in some confusion and 
the immortal would control the situation.

Of course I wouldn't use something like this for a player that is reporting a
bug or something. Use the correct manfiestation for the correct situation.

A cute puppy dog in a field for praises.
A giant judge at his desk for player disputes.
A blood-thirsty elder daemon for trouble makers.
A ticket scalper for bug reports? (i'm grasping here)

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