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> A question: In what way do you manifest yourself as the immortal?
> Is it plainly a 'Bubba the Immortal is standing here.' ?

  I tend to send my Herald (a wolf the size of a volkswagon) as a
token of my displeasure. These kids have the survival instincts of a
pop tart - they swing on him nearly every time. He has a rather
impressive body count. Most of the time I simply command him to
follow the little twit around, so he *knows* he's earned our full
attention. They tend to become very well behaved once this happens
because (a) they always assume I'm senselinked into him - impractical
and annoying, but an entertaining fiction, and (b) he does it until I
call him back. Even across logins. Even across reboots. Even across
rerolls. For some reason they tend to find that unnerving.

  When I come as myself, I usually select a wardrobe appropriate to
the task at hand. In extreme cases, I simply don't manifest, and am
an extremely good shot with a reflex cannon.

  I'm kidding about that last part; my world doesn't support energy
weapons or protoculture power.

  But it's not like I haven't thought about it some days.

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