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Hero. Everybody wants to get there eventually, but who knows what they have
they done while getting there?

We (the immstaff on DD3) decided that players needed a way to keep their
competitive edge honed as well as providing incentive to keep playing and
give them goals. We also wanted to make sure that players who had achieved
greatness were remembered.

The main way in which we do this is via the folowing tables:

1. Fame table
The traditional fame table where individual players recieve fame points for
killing mobs (or chars) that are of a higher level than themselves. So if a
player kills a mob that is +10 levels he will receive 10 fame (these numbers
are not accurate). If he has gained enough fame to make him one of the top
20 fame holders in the mud, his name will be added to the fame table and the
other entries will shuffle around to accomodate him, dropping the lowest
from the table. The person who was then removed will have to do some more
work to gain his position back.

Fame Table
         Mantor    4087
          Bliss    2427
       Madriker    2404
          Amaya    2386
           Saen    2299

2. Legend table
Fame can be lost by dying or killing innocents which affects the fame table.
But to keep a record of those who have achieved the greatest amount of fame
(at any time) we created the legends table. This table only holds 10
entries, so the competition to get there is intense. These entries only go
up and never down though, so once you hit the top, you can lose all of your
fame and still have your name there. I have seen one player lose 5k fame and
go off the fame table but remain at the top of the legend table for a good 3
to 4 weeks. The incentive here is to be "the" top dog.

Name                 Class         Max Fame Gained
KillerRace           Ninja         11574
Amaya                Vampire       6589
Dachau               Witch         6380
Mantor               Warrior       6270
Drakkyn              ShpShftr      3550

3. Pkill table
Individual fame and its glory is all well and good, but what if you are
clanned and fighting for their good name? To answer this issue, we created
the clan pkill table. Players earn points for pkilling others (who arent in
their clan) and these are collected on the pkill table. They get 1 point for
each 5 levels that the other plyer is above them, but a min of 1 point for
lower levs. This keeps the pkillers in the clans competitive.

Name                 Class         Pkills   Score
Dynasty              Thug          16       52
Kruza                Warrior       11       35
Nme                  Warrior       11       34
Brachah              Warrior       10       27
Vahl                 Warrior       8        24

Eventually of course, there are going to be players who finally get to hero
level. We have adjusted this table so that it is totally dynamic and adds
players when they level rather than editing a help file to give them instant

Hopefully, these table descriptions will give others out there ideas on
providing feedback for your players. Obviously, these tables are not
designed for a more RP mud, but we are working on a new RP world that will
incorporate some of these ideas.

Happy mudding.

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