[MUD-Dev] [adv-mud] What good is a hero when nobody knows? (fwd)

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On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, J C Lawrence wrote:

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> 3. Pkill table
> Individual fame and its glory is all well and good, but what if you are
> clanned and fighting for their good name? To answer this issue, we created
> the clan pkill table. Players earn points for pkilling others (who arent in
> their clan) and these are collected on the pkill table. They get 1 point for
> each 5 levels that the other plyer is above them, but a min of 1 point for
> lower levs. This keeps the pkillers in the clans competitive.
> Name                 Class         Pkills   Score
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dynasty              Thug          16       52
> Kruza                Warrior       11       35
> Nme                  Warrior       11       34
> Brachah              Warrior       10       27
> Vahl                 Warrior       8        24
> ....
> Eventually of course, there are going to be players who finally get to hero
> level. We have adjusted this table so that it is totally dynamic and adds
> players when they level rather than editing a help file to give them instant
> feedback.

We rejected doing something similar to this because a) it's too open to
abuse and b) we feel it encourages killing smaller players. If you know
that you can at least 1 point for killing someone smaller than you, then
you will have players (particularly on the mud referred to here, which I'm
assuming has no credit card tracking capabilities to control account
creation) simply creating newbies to kill in order to get points.


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